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Hank Ellsworth

Third generation Texas oil man, Mr. Ellsworth has over 38 years experience buying minerals, developing and drilling exploration projects, and negotiating large private and public divestures of producing and non-producing assets across Texas. Mr. Ellsworth works with mineral and royalty owners seeking to divest their interest in high quality oil and gas lands for top-of-the-market prices. With his wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, Mr. Ellsworth takes the lead on tranactional closings, expiditing funding processes, and working one-on-one with mineral owners to ensure satisfactory disvestiture of owners' assets.

We buy minerals & royalty,
primarily in West Texas

Preston Ley

Also a third generation Texas oil man, Mr. Ley serves as the Senior Mineral Analyst at East Adams & Company. With a background in land, exploration geologly and data science, Mr. Ley asists mineral and royalty owners in determining the size and potential value of their mineral interests. With a focus on top-tier West Texas mineral properties, Mr. Ley helps minerals owners divest their mineral holdings with integrity and piece-of-mind.

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